We are a successful developer and therefore we keep a steady stream of residences under construction. This allows for more predictability in the quality and availability of the needed labour. It also means that our customers obtain various forms of discounts, just as we get them from our suppliers who learn that they can count on a certain volume of business. Similarly, banks and lending institutions enjoy working with North Shore because we are predictable in making our payments.

As a result they are more willing to extend credit when it is needed. We are setting realistic expectations for completion. As any successful builder, we build delays into their plans and schedules. They don’t know if sickness or the weather will cause the delays but for sure something almost always does. Those who do it well also manage the expectations of their customers. Quality is another key to success that should not be overlooked. Those who do it right the first time don’t have to take money out of their profits to make things right. In a nutshell, we as the residential and commercial property builders are professional communicators: needing to keep everyone up-to-date on the project status including workers, sub-contractors, customers, banks and building inspectors.