Core values

North Shore

Our Core Values

Consideration, respect and understanding of the clients’ needs are core values of professional construction management and good workmanship.

Our Core Values

Facts & Figures

Our total project investment was USD 25 million.

We continuously work on streamlining and making all our working processes more efficient, from planning to hand-over. Whether it is residential construction, refurbishment of an office or commercial building, expansion of a shopping centre or a smaller alteration in interior design, North Shore team can help you. We have many years of experience with both large and small tasks.

Provide quality...


Our residential and commercial real estate is more durable, energy efficient and comfortable and provides superior air and moisture management. Products that we carefully select are rigorously tested and exceed air barrier standards, helping us to meet and exceed building and energy codes for buildings.


Although North Cyprus is one of the safest places in the world, we understand that home insurance is very important for our customers. We cooperate with Anadolu insurance agency on this matter. Anadolu Residential Fire Insurance covers your home and the contents in it against several risks such as fire, theft, flood and/or eartquake.


We use selected innovative products and systems for our residential and commercial construction projects. This allows us to create buildings that are more safe, look more advanced and provide greater environmental sustainability.


Whether you are planning to build a family house or villa, you can always get advice from us, all the way from small terraced houses to large multi-storey residential buildings. We can provide you a creative ready-to-build architectural plan or elaborate a unique one in accordance with your own ideas and desires.


North Shore is a member of Turkish Cypriot Construction Contractors Association, the most respectful and authorative organization in North Cyprus. We are granted the License that includes all types of construction activities, which means we can undertake constuction projects of practically any type and any scope.


Important ingredients in citizens’ residences and housing in North Cyprus are the right means of access, a view of green areas, sea or mountains, excellent shared facilities and abundant infrastructure. With North Shore you can always be sure about the right choice.